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Xlogan 2.0

Tool for generating statistics from your web site log files. Reports visitor numbers, countries, bandwidth usage, referrers, browsers, download, search terms and error messages. Built-in FTP browser and support for GZ compressed log files.

Pingdom GIGRIB

Pingdom GIGRIB 1.0.129

Pingdom GIGRIB is a free, unique, distributed uptime monitoring service. GIGRIB users can add websites they want monitored in return for becoming a part of the GIGRIB monitoring network. The uptime information gathered is public and searchable.

FastStats Analyzer Free

FastStats Analyzer Free 4.1.5

Three Licenses: FREE, Regular, and Gold. Provides workstation based log file analysis to help you understand and optimize your site traffic. Powerful filters. Great reports. Track search phrase ROI. Gold incl Scenarios, HyperLink TreeView, more.

CGI Webstat

CGI Webstat 1.1

A freeware CGI application for Win95/NT to generate and show the statisics of your web site: With webstat you do more than just count hits. Many options to customise your web statisitics. Full source is available with registered version of CGI Expert Pro.