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ReddiTron 1.8.0

Description of ReddiTron 1.8.0:
Browse reddit using a fast, slick, and feature packed interface.

Includes convenient features:
aŚ? Optimized Tablet Layouts with multiple panes.
aŚ? List Mode with fast scrolling and swiping right to left to show more options (voting, comments, sharing).
aŚ? Expanded Mode to show all your favorite content with horizontal scrolling per subreddit.
aŚ? Gallery Mode to easily scroll through images and posts.
aŚ? Login functionality to allow for personalization.
aŚ? Ability to view your Inbox and filter by folder.
aŚ? Subreddit Manager which allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe from reddits while allowing you to find new reddits based on what is new or popular.
aŚ? Subreddit Manager search mode allows you to find a subreddit easily!
aŚ? Side Menu to allow for quick switching between your favorite subreddits!
aŚ? Voting bar to show upvotes and downvotes. Great visualization!
aŚ? Built-in Subreddit Filtering with Quick UnSubscribe.
aŚ? SFW/Mixed/NSFW modes to suit your needs.
aŚ? Sorting by category (Hot, Controversial, Top, etc)
aŚ? Comments View with voting bar per comment and fast scrolling with swiping for voting and sharing.
aŚ? Ability to reply to comments and posts when logged in.
aŚ? Filter comments to show only OP (original poster) comments!
aŚ? Sort comments by Best, Hot, New, Top, Controversial and Old depending on your preference.
aŚ? Built in browser to load reddit posts with progress bar.
aŚ? Save images directly from the browser and open/etc.
aŚ? Capture screenshots of entire browser area or just the view that you see. Screenshot can be saved/opened/shared/etc.
aŚ? Automatically saves list of visited posts.
aŚ? Multi-Core supported for faster loading! (Android 3.0+ only)
aŚ? Built in support for Holo Dark theme.

*More features on the way. Feedback welcomed and appreciated!

Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 2.2 and up

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