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Description of LDAPSearch 4.0:
Directory server provides the most scalable, high-performance LDAP data store for critical information within the industry and serves as the foundation for the new generation of e-business applications and Web services. In this context, LDAP Search makes it easy to remotely discover various information stored in these Directory servers. Also it can appear as very handy tool in troubleshooting any problems associated with LDAP Directory servers. Newer version brings in Installer for local installation & uninstallation and renovated GUI interface. LDAPSearch is fully portable and works on all platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 7. LDAP Search is one of the easiest, fastest and lovely tool for searching Directory servers. It provides various options to tweak the search queries thus making the search operation more efficient. Here are some of the special features of LDAPSearch... Supports both normal LDAP ( port 389) as well as LDAPSSL ( port 636 ) protocol. Also user can specify custom port in case the target server is running on non standard port. Allows user to specify server certificate during SSL connection. This is useful when server requires client to use previously granted certificate for identification. Authentication credentials can be provided with ease. In case of anonymous connection , default username and password is blank. However you can specify other usernames such as "anonymous" for the anonymous connection especially for Active Directory. Following search options can be used to customize the query to get effective results. Base DN: Indicates the sub object for search operation. Base DN must follow the LDAP naming convention in specifying the DN name. Keep it blank to search from root object. Filter: Specifies the type of object to be searched. Attributes: Custom attributes can be specified so as to cut down the search result. For retrieving all the attributes of the object select the "Get attributes dynamically" checkbox. Scope: This specifies the depth of the level to search for under base dn. There are 3 levels. "BASE" means only the requested object specified in the base DN will be searched. "OneLevel" indicates that all the objects below the base DN will be searched. "Subtree" means all the objects under the base DN are searched recursively. Timeout: This controls the time taken for LDAP search operation. While enumerating large number of results, this value needs to be modified accrodingly. Save the result of ldap search to disk file for future reference.

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