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"WeatherPro answers the question - what's the best Android Weather app?"
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WeatherPro for Android features high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million locations worldwide. Highlights include global satellite plus radar for the USA, UK and much of Europe. Images can be animated with interactive elements bringing the weather to life! With our fantastic Live Wallpaper and new and improved widgets, you can instantly see the weather at your selected location before you even open the app.
Features include:

* 3-hourly intervals
* Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide
* Temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and the all important *feels like*
* Worldwide weather alerts
* Wind direction and speed (in your chosen format)
* Air pressure, precipitation amount and relative humidity
* Sunrise and sunset times
* View forecast as a graph for an alternative, easy to read outlook
* And more..comprehensive forecast features from Europe*s leading independent weather company

* Radar images for the USA and much of Europe
* Automatically shows your current location
* Pan and zoom functionality
* Tilt screen for landscape format

* Stunning, high resolution weather maps
* Interactive weather icons and city temperatures
* Connect to MeteoEarth - switch to a 3D map view in MeteoGroup*s brand new app MeteoEarth at the touch of a button.

* Fantastic transparent widgets to suit any background colour. Varying sizes and now including a clock
* Live Wallpaper with current weather images
* Favourites settings
* 800,000 Points of Interest
* Always show the weather for your current location with the *My location* favourite setting
* App2SD compatibility
* Interactive city search (GPS)
* Map of water temperatures in Europe
* Air pressure maps
* Weather Reports
* Weather News
* Tilt screen for landscape format
* Fast download times
* Available in 14 European languages
* No adverts

An in-app upgrade is also available but we will not hassle you about it and there is no obligation whatsoever to subscribe! In addition to the above features, the PREMIUM version includes:

* Hourly forecasts - for when timing is crucial!
* 14 day forecasts - for planning ahead
* NEW! Stunning, high resolution maps with multiple layers of advanced weather information including precipitation type radar in Europe (showing the difference between rain, freezing rain, snow and so on), radar forecasts, worldwide visible and infrared satellite images, air pressure, heat maps, lightning strikes and cloud cover forecasts.
* Weather alerts displayed in the widgets plus the option to receive alerts in the notifications bar
* Ski Weather - For over 900 resorts in 17 countries including details of how many lifts are running, the number of pistes that are open, snow depth and quality and a live web cam!
* Beach Weather - this fantastic feature provides the UV Index and water temperatures for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and other popular holiday destinations
* Precipitation-type radar - Standard radar only shows precipitation but you can*t tell if it*s rain, snow, hail etc. Change all that with this fantastic feature available on Premium.
* Forecast radar - There*s no need for guessing anymore - use our Premium radar feature to see the forecast.
* 40 images for radar and satellite
* Wind conditions
* And more..

If you do not have a Premium subscription, you can choose to show or hide the Premium features in More > Settings > Subscription & Account.

Follow us on twitter.com/weatherpro for status updates or visit www.weatherpro.eu for more information about WeatherPro.

If you have any queries or concerns please email support@android.weatherpro.eu and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To start download the software please click here: Site 1

If you can not download this product please report us broken link

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