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BinLeecher can easily find and download to your disc images, music, films, games, programs and other files from USENET. User-friendly interface, almost the same as the world-wide known Microsoft Windows interface, enables you to get any file you need just in few minutes after having downloaded BinLeecher. The main features of the BinLeecher are: User friendly Win XP style interface (BinLeecher interface is already known to you. It is exactly the same as Windows Explorer interface); Messages filtering; Fragmented files combining; Multiple encoding support. What is BinLeecher used for? BinLeecher is used for downloading any binary files from news servers: images,MP3, movies, programs, archives etc. What isn't BinLeecher used for? BinLeecher is not a news-client and it isn't created to send messages to news groups. The advantages of BinLeecher: What you need only! You don't have to click WEB-pages links with images you need any more. BinLeecher will easily download as many of them as you need. With the "ancient" modem like 28800 you'll get some hundreds of them in just an hour. No more advertising banners and annoying WEB-tricks! Improved system of filters. Powerful but very simple in use system of filters enables you to download only the files you really need. BinLeecher handles the information from NNTP server in that way that you will never get any garbage from it. Easy files management on your disc. BinLeecher doesn't download messages, but only files attached. At once, files are directed to folders according to the names of the news groups. BinLeecher will give you what you need without wasting your time on viewing the messages.

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