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Internet Traffic Agent Software 2.5.1

Description of Internet Traffic Agent Software 2.5.1:
Today many ADSL and LAN providers require payment by the Mbytes for internet connection and users have to control the consumption of internet traffic carefully. We offer an advanced but still quite simple in use program for careful and precise internet traffic control. Internet Traffic Agent 2.5 not only provides you with detailed local, internet and http traffic statistics, but also enables you to detect what software in your PC uses extra internet traffic, or what users in your network consume more or less, and, finally, it allows you to save a lot of money! Internet Traffic Agent is an efficient and handy network tool for detailed internet traffic monitoring. It monitors traffic on any IP address that the user has visited and keeps daily traffic statistics. This utility captures all IP packets in the local area network and allows accurate detection of the network traffic used by any application. What is more, the utility can also measure the Internet or LAN traffic of specific users. Using Internet Traffic Agent, it is both possible to detect the most active users or monitor your own network activity. Internet Traffic Agent counts local, internet and http traffic statistics separately. It provides detailed daily statistics on any IP-address, that the user has visited. All visited hosts are displayed in a separate section. The utility displays received and sent traffic in Bytes, Kbytes or Mbytes, as the user chooses. Besides that, the user can set the frequency of saving database changes and the period of keeping database records. Internet Traffic Agent allows easy setting of unlimited number of filters. The utility shows history statistics for each filter. What is important, Internet Traffic Agent shows the geographical location of any IP-address (country) and the server hostname. This software will be useful for network system administrators, Small Office/Home Office owners and any users, who want to know their network traffic activity. Registered users are entitled to free updates and free and quality e-mail technical support as well.

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

System Req: Windows 2000 and high

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