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Kipping's NetMan

Kipping's NetMan 1.91

KIPPING's NetMan is a little tool for downloading Internet sites and view them offline. With the program it's also possible to download only specified file types of the sites links (e.g. pictures, movies, sounds....). The program imports the actual p...

AutoNOC Trace 3D

AutoNOC Trace 3D 1.0

Analyzes a network connection and displays an interactive 3D graph that analyzes the connectivity of that node. Turn on live trace routing to monitor the performance of a network link live! A must have utility for any system or network administrator.

Obese Finger

Obese Finger

Full featured windows finger client. Includes quick access to the last 5 queries executed, ability to gather information on a specific user or all users currently logged into a machine. All results can be formated and printed to help maintain a log of results. Includes a context sensitive hint and help system.


InkFinger 1.0

A finger client for Windows 95 and NT. It has an Explorer style interface to manage the finger entries, each of which are individually configurable. You can change fonts, colours, styles, log entries, WYSIWYG printing of the output. InkFinger can also load, save and merge finger entries to and from file, for backing up or sharing with others. There are many more features too!