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IQMS Toolbar

IQMS Toolbar 1.0

The iQms toolbar works with your web browser to quickly and easily find available management training courses, view schedules for regional courses, or search the internet with the Google search option.

IE Okapiland Search Toolbar

IE Okapiland Search Toolbar 2.5

IE Okapiland Search Toolbar (IE Okapibar) is an IE toolbar to provide Internet search in Composite Page Mode (CPM) that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks. All pages can be displayed by scrolling the pages.

FireFox Okapiland Search Toolbar

FireFox Okapiland Search Toolbar 2.5

Firefox Okapiland Search Toolbar (Firefox Okapibar) is a Firefox toolbar to provide Internet search in Composite Page Mode (CPM) that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks.

Loki IE

Loki IE

Location based search toolbar


2cTranslator 1.0

With 2cTranslator you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it.

Download3k Toolbar

Download3k Toolbar 1.0

Download3k toolbar for IE allows you to search Download3k's daily updated software applications database from within your Internet Explorer browser. The results of your search are sorted by relevance and include both freeware and shareware programs.

Toolbar Button Builder

Toolbar Button Builder 1.0

Toolbar Button Builder helps you generate Buttons for the Google Toolbar. Google Toolbar buttons are placed within the Toolbar. This custon buttons are based on XML and let you navigate and search a site, display RSS feeds in a menu


Dipstick 3.1

Dipstick is a free, open source utility that lets you quickly evaluate mirror sites and figure out which one is the best suited for download for you at this very moment.


10_Best_Toolbars 1.00.0

The best clollection of IE toolbars, 10 ad free toolbars in all, easy to download and install or uninstall. Each toolbar has a set of unique features with zero advertizing, fully customizable with user links and buttons and even complex components. Any

Maxthon Tabbed Browser v1.5 build

Maxthon Tabbed Browser v1.5 build 90

Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface.Tabbed Browsing InterfaceMaxthon's powerful tabbed interface will give you the best browsing experience without taking your taskbar space away. All the

iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security

iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security 1.00

iPig creates a secure connection that protects your communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network. iPig works with any kind of Internet connection (Wifi, WLAN, wired ethernet). NO configuration required

Alien Invaders Attack!

Alien Invaders Attack! 1.0

Free arcade style space shooter game for the PC. In Alien Invaders Attack you will fight wave after wave of attacking alien space ships

Meta Helper

Meta Helper 1.0

Meta Helper v1.0 Meta Helper v1.0 is a tool to help design valid and effective meta tags for your web pages and tempaltes. There is no install required. Just download the zip file, extract it, and enjoy. It eliminates all the typing and just requires

Check Mail (POP)

Check Mail (POP) 1.0

Lightweight customisable new mail notification utility for any POP account. Capable of launching your mail client or a web page of your choosing. Change the alert sound, display a notification box or even customise the icons. Works with SSL so you

Asteroid ES

Asteroid ES 0.8

Arcade Style Space Shooter


1337explorer /

Tool for customizing your Internet Explorer by unlocking some hidden options.

Belkasoft IE GetLinks

Belkasoft IE GetLinks 1.01

Belkasoft IE GetLinks is a product for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Belkasoft IE GetLinks allows you to extract all links from a page shown in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Two formats are supported now - plain text format and HTML.


QBankManager 0.9.27

QBankManager is a QT program for simple administration of Online Banking accounts. It is supposed to be the successor of the ancient program KOpenHBCI that the author wrote a few years ago.


OpenLDev 0.4.2

  • Freeware
  • 08-May-2009
  • 0

In order to create a simple IDE, OpenLDev focuses on C and C++ development. We provide project templates for console applications to those that take advantage of the Gtk+ and Gtkmm libraries. Project and autotools management is provided through a few


AptiStock 1.01

Aptistock is the free stock market analysis software. aptistock is featured with 22 famous world stock markets, 22 technical analysis indicators, 19 drawing lines studies and extremely simple eod update process. letls beat the market with aptistock.