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Catalog Builder Pro

Catalog Builder Pro 1.0

Now you can build a paged catalog for your web site without any need for programming or using CGI. Catalog Builder Pro makes it easy to build and maintain an online catalog. Create an indexed database locally and with one click build your online paged catalog. Another click places the catalog on your web site. Now anyone can have an easy to build and maintain online catalog.

Catalog Builder

Catalog Builder 1.0

Web catalog publishing for the masses. No programmingexperience required. Will run on any Web server as itdoesnt require a cgi program to run. Build your database (DBF) locally and with one click, upload a catalog table web page to your web site. Quick and easy maintenance of your online catalog. This program will save you many hours of work getting a database table online compared to any other tools available.

DeEnesse DNS Server Suite

DeEnesse DNS Server Suite 2.0

  • Shareware
  • 199.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 2.1 KB

Until now DNS servers have been among the mostcomplicated services to run on a server. DeEnesse (pronounced DNS ) brings traditional Windows ease ofuse to the management of a DNS server, plus so muchmore.

Sooper Pak II

Sooper Pak II 1.0

A modified gamex86.dll and configuration program for Quake2. It has a number of configuration features for the game quake2 such as the ability to substitute types of weapons, a finger server, a web server, inter-server chat, and a handy windows based configuration program.


DynDns 2.1.0

If you get a dynamic IP address from your ISP, DynamoDNS can use the Dynamic DNS service fromMonolith to give your computer a name that never changes when you reconnect to the Internet! Perfect for Web/FTP Servers, Voice Chat, and more.