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NetworkActiv PIAFCTM

NetworkActiv PIAFCTM 1.5.2

HTTP file collector that allows for the capturing and storage of HTTP files that go through your computer via internet connection sharing, or simply by viewing a web-site.Also, TCP/IP packet sniffer with packet reception filters and more. Freeware!


OneMX 1.2

OneMX is a free file-sharing program that connects to the eDonkey network. Users can share MP3s, movies, or any type of file on the world's second largest p2p network. OneMX supports many advanced features in an easy-to-use interface.


TinyUpLoader 1.0

This utility do upload to ftp server. You can set time to upload, and program repeatelly upload file(s) to ftp server. Utility supports many webs, files, times.

Alchemy Ping

Alchemy Ping 1.0

A nice FREE graphic replacement for the standard PING utility.

Artologik ProjectManager

Artologik ProjectManager 2.0

Web based system for project management.


LanSpider 1.3

LanSpider is a full-featured network file searching utility. Advanced options help you pinpoint the exact patterns of the wanted file. Multitask design provides the fastest search speed ever. You can export search results into 30+ file formats.


POP 1.1

Program for sending/receiving Winpopup messages. Features auto replioes, quick replies, history, other.


PopCapturer 1.1

Program for sending/receiving Winpopup messages. It allows to receive ALL messages accepted by your MAC Adapter, including messages not intended for you.


NetTools 2000-12-31

Instant Messenger with ICQ, MSN and SMS. Integrated Ping, Trace and Network Monitor Functions. Web Search with multiple Search Engines.


wGateScan 4.0b

wGateScan is the famous scanner to find Wingate servers on a class C or B network and help you to spoof da world :).wGateScan v4.0 allows you to scan a range of hosts - ex. : 194.128.aaa.bbb to 194.128.ccc.ddd You can now connect the IP you've found ...

AutoNOC Port Scan

AutoNOC Port Scan 2.01

AutoNOC Port Scan makes it easy to identify the holes into a remote network or computer by analyzing to determine which ports are open and listening on the device. It detects FTP servers, web servers, SNMP, and other TCP ports. AutoNOC Port Scan uses...


Netnums 1.0

Visualize IP addresses and subnet masks for a Cisco Networking class. You enter an IP number and subnet mask. Netnums displays them in decimal, hex, and binary, determines the class of the network, and calculates how many subnets and hosts you can ha...


PrintR 1.0

Quick access to add a printer and view printers folder.


IggyNetSpeed 1.0

This is a utility program to test the speed of your windows based network. It will create and copy a file over the networkand time this event. Giving you the transfer rate.


NetSync 1.4

Created because Windows NT does not support ghost connections. This means it can have only permanent connections and in case that network drive is not available it gives warnings. It is quite annoying. NetSync is loaded in background at startup and t...

Port Detective

Port Detective 1.01

Will use remotely located servers to scan your local Internet ports on your PC and Internet Service Provider and tell youwhat specific ports are Open, Blocked, or In Use. This allows a Dialup, Cable Modem or xDSL user to discover what ports are avail...


Trayping 1.0

A free host monitoring program for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 (and Windows 95 when Winsock2 is installed). Its purpose is to periodically 'ping' a remote host and provide a simple and unobtrusive way to report to you that the host is up or down. I...


NOBO 1.0

A Windows 95/98 program that detects Back Orifice (BO) packets destined to the machine it's running on. When such packet is received, NOBO logs the IP address and host name it came from, along with the BO operation (such as file delete, system info, ...


iSpeed 2.6.5

Will easily allow you to fine tune your TCP/IP parameters tomaximize your throughput for your dialup internet connections. iSpeed has builtin optimal configurations that will set your configurations to those found to provide the greatest throughput on a number of different systems at the click of a button. iSpeed will automagically calculate the optimal values for certain settings based on the values of other settings if desired. Now support Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 SP3.