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Vireo 1.0

Description of Vireo 1.0:
Vireo is a cross-platform SIP based enriched softphone and VoIP client for desktop computers. Why Vireo ? Cross-Platform: Vireo works perfectly on all the modern desktop operating systems,If you are a Windows,Mac or Linux user your are supported by Vireo. Free: You can use the basic edition of Vireo without paying a penny. Just download, connect to your sip server and Enjoy! Multiple Audio Codecs supported: Vireo supports multiple audio codecs including HD voice codecs, supported codecs are: 1. G.711 A-law 2. G.711 ?-Law 3. Speex 4. iLBC 5. GSM 6. G.722 7. SILK Contacts centric interface: ItOCOs very easy for you to reach any one of your contacts through VireoOCOs interface. You donOCOt have to do complex steps to call a contact. With Vireo you just select the contact and call, and it just works! Complete Call Log: Vireo provides you with a very easily accessible call log. All your calls through Vireo will be grouped in one place with very accurate information about the contact, date, time, direction and duration of your calls. Dial Pad: Vireo comes to you with a beautifully designed dial pad that makes you able to call any sip number around the world and enjoy making VoIP calls with people who are not necessarily in your contact list. Outstanding Performance: Vireo is a VoIP Client that you can rely on. You can use it to make VoIP calls all day and night and itOCOs high performance and slick interface will never let you down. Works with multiple SIP servers: Vireo performs well against well known SIP servers like OpenSIPS and Asterisk Vireo Plus: Vireo plus is the premium version of Vireo which extends the basic version and enables you to enrich your VoIP calls by enabling services like: IM Chat File Transfer Image Share Video Share Video Calls More Audio Codecs like AMR and AMR-WB

Supported OS: Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux

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