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PicoPhone 1.65

Description of PicoPhone 1.65:
PicoPhone is a simple Internet phone application with chat. If you want a more advanced application, that has also video, file transfer, address book, that can call regular phones, send SMS messages to cellphones and more, take v-Phone. PicoPhone uses a simple UDP-based protocol, which works very well with NAPT. The program accepts connections on UDP port 11676 and makes connection to that port. Optionally a port number can follow the address (the colon is used as a separator), if the connection has to be made to another port (the NAPT router on the receiving side should convert the port number to the default 11676). PicoPhone allows multiple concurrent calls, but the audio device should allow multiple output streams to be opened simultaneously. On incoming calls the program plays the file ringin.wav, which should be present in the default windows location for wav files or in the same directory of PicoPhone.Release notes: New Release# New codec, 16 bit linear PCM. [ PicoPhone full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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