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SealCast 1.0

Description of SealCast 1.0:
Sealcast redefines your online communication and help to turn your website visitors into paying customers. All from within a single, intuitive and user-friendly environment with a click of a button. A software, that would enable a non-intrusive, private, peer-to-peer connection among consenting people, who do no harm to others and take full responsibility for their own actions. An environment, where people are left alone to go about their lives, as they wish without anybody imposing any arbitrary restrictions on them and their activities. You can communicate with any number of your friends and contacts using club-like discussion channels or individual chats. Furthermore, you can organize the exchange of any type of multimedia file content within a single discussion, chat or independent storage bin. You can even share your computer resources by granting your friends a remote access to your local folders. Enjoy rich multimedia interaction with people of your choice. Sealcast introduces Streamail as its primary universal communication tool to connect with multiple recipients. You can think of it as a powerful combination of Email and Instant Messenger in one. Use File Bins like another hard drive to share with your contacts. Organize files in folders and subfolders. Control who and when can see or access them. Your changes will be visible to others immediately, wherever they are. Clients can talk to you and buy what they want right from your website. All in one place in your website. Customer can communicate with you online from their computer, netbook or mobile device. You can even take orders or provide link to your online store. Imagine the Internet without data mining, message scanning and identity abuse. Where communication is direct, your data is private and anonymity guaranteed. You say it's impossible? Welcome to the world of impossible.Requirements: internet connection

Supported OS: Windows XP

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