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Handy Web Extractor

Handy Web Extractor 1.0.0

Handy Web Extractor is a simple tool for everyday web content monitoring. It will periodically download the web page, extract the necessary content and display it in the window on your desktop.

Personal Site Server

Personal Site Server 2.5.7

Easy to use Drag and Drop Web Site builder and Server that requires no HTML knowledge at all. The InstaFlash Designer works within the browser so you can permit other to design web pages (over the internet) using your product.



  • Shareware
  • 21.95$
  • 06-Aug-2010
  • 1.9 MB

StayOnline! will keep you online/connected to Netscape, etc., by handling pesky ISP (Internet Service Provider) diconnect dialogs. Quit being inconvenienced, having your downloads, etc., interrupted, keep your connection and sanity, and StayOnline!


FAQ-Express 1.5

Often you can see FAQ-Sites on Web. You have a homepage and need one or more FAQ-sites? Then You cann this do easy and quickly with FAQ-Express.

Paraben's Connection Manager

Paraben's Connection Manager 3.2

Keep your Internet connection alive. Paraben's Connection Manager continually connects to servers to keep you from being kicked off of your connection. Locates and automatically answers Pop Up messages that ask if you want to stay online & more.

42 Always Connected Plug

42 Always Connected Plug 1.02

Usually ISPs disconnect users if they are not active for a certain period of time. This software prevents the disconnection from happening. The 'AC-Plug' sends periodic signals that will keep your internet connection active. The program interface con...


Alive 2.1

Alive keeps your Internet connection alive by pinging a user-defined site at a pre-defined interval. Alive stops your Internet Service Provider from hanging up an inactive connection. Alive sits out of your way in the Windows system tray.

Ping 2 Web

Ping 2 Web 1.4.1

Keeps open internet connection pinging a site at user defined intervals.


Rascal 2.1

Rascal enhances your dial-up session management andkeeps your connection alive by simulating network activity and restoring the connection if it is lost. Rascal also tracks your online time and costs. For more demanding tasks, check out our RascalPro product. For a bare bones connection keeper, try Rasputin.

Stay On 98

Stay On 98 1.5

Dont be disconnected from the web again for inactivity! Say you have unlimited access to the internet, but while reading web page you decide to grab a cup of coffee and find that your ISP has disconnected you? Stay On 98 was designed to keep your PPP or Slip active enough that you wont be disconnected untill you disconected from the server. No more waiting to reconnect to your ISP!