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JumpLoader 2.22.0

Description of JumpLoader 2.22.0:
JumpLoader is a Java applet designed to upload files from the client to a server. This is a valuable replacement for rudiment of HTML. This is suitable tool for webmasters who wish to provide a better way for users to upload files to their websites. This could be photo galleries, web hosting providers or any kind of service that requires user files retrieval. JumpLoader is free. Websites having java applets should be hosted through some best web hosting (try also Linux Hosting) company with low budget, and for wordpress we recommend to check wordpress hosting services. Features: * Upload utilizing HTTP(S) protocol. * Upload to FTP(S) server. * Client side image transformation (i.e. scale, rotate) on upload. * Scaled image watermarking. * Image thumbnail support. * Integrated file system browser (demo). * Transparent proxy support. * Browser cookie support. * Unlimited file count. * Unlimited file(s) length. * Concurrent upload of multiple files. * Upload progress monitor. * Upload directories (including zipping and encryption). * Resume broken uploads. * Internationalization. * Custom attributes. * Partitioned file upload. * Configure constraints for files allowed to upload (file name pattern, file length, total length). * Manage queue (add, remove, abort, retry files), even while uploading. * Add files using preferred way: drag and drop, standard file dialog or integrated file system browser (see screenshots). * Customizable view. * Configurable upload options (target URL, request parameters). * Receive custom errors from server. * JavaScript callbacks (notifications). * Model interface for JavaScript. * View interface for JavaScript. * Document processing (download/edit/upload). * Metadata input. * Internal image editor (demo, screenshot) * Download files (demo)

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