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UltraBooster SH 2.2.7

Description of UltraBooster SH 2.2.7:
UltraBooster SH is a useful application designed to increase the functionality of your Shareaza file sharing client and help you grab files online with increased speed. Through the use of the best technology available in this area, the software interacts perfectly with your original download program and activates a plus of performance by optimizing your Internet connection, relieving traffic clogs and making the searching through multiple resources easier. FEATURES: TE Boosts the searching ability and the download speeds of your p2p client TE Automatic deletion of finished and corrupt files TE Automatic resume for paused/interrupted downloads TE Saves configuration from last run and auto-loads on start-up TE Introduces a nice, all-around accessible interface operable by a system tray icon TE Displays detailed data about the download in progress - status, time for acceleration, profile, the amount of bytes sent and receivedRelease notes: New ReleaseTE Performance enhancements and some minor bug fixes. [ UltraBooster SH full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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