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What is LeechGet? LeechGet is a download manager that uses a very nice, modern, Microsoft Outlook-like user interface and seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads. In addition, LeechGet provides many features, such a automatic downloading, resume of broken downloads, a download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown and more. A built-in web parser lets you download complete website with all images and scripts in no time. LeechGet also provides a history of your downloaded files, sorted by day, week and month. Additional features include a file drop icon, a speed monitor and much more. Features: Overview One of the main aspects while developing LeechGet was simplicity - every function must be integrated in an easy-to-use yet powerful interface. LeechGet uses a Microsoft Outlook-like user interface with which many users should already be familiar: a navigation bar on the left and a concise menu provide access to important functions of the program while Wizards are used to perform more complex tasks. Modern styled controls enhance the Look&Feel of the application. In addition, LeechGet seamlessly integrates in the Windows 9x/2000/XP environment and the Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads. What LeechGet can do... The concise interface of LeechGet offers rich features, such as: * Full Internet Explorer integration; Plug-Ins for Mozilla and Opera users are available! Additionally, you can start downloads via Drag&Drop or intercept them from clipboard. * Comfortable Wizards ensure that you get downloads done as easy and fast as possible * Built-in download history and Traffic counter * A speed monitor shows you the current bandwidth usage * LeechGet allows you to specify either how much bandwidth the downloads may use all together or set values for every single download (Speed limit) * Possibility to split downloads into smaller parts (called Tasks) to speed up transfer * Schedule downloads for a certain time * Web-Parser included * LeechGet is available in over 20 languages (among others: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese...) * A lot more features that a comfortable Download Manger simply *must* have * Auto-Update function (for Premium users only) * Technical Support (Premium users only)

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