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Instan-t 4.5

Instan-t is an instant messaging software that allows you to communicate with MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t through a single IM platform. Through video chat you can communicate face to face with friends on any IM network.


MyPhone 0.2b12

Voice and Video Internet/Lan Chat client based on H323 protocol.


DocuPortal.NET 2004

Web-Based collaboration to share docs. Incl. discussion, scheduling and workflow


WuWu 0.93

WuWu, an incredible new group-based communication product for: instant messages, chat, file sharing, and more.

Microsoft Portrait

Microsoft Portrait 1.06

Very low bitrate voice/video communication software on PC, Pocket PC and Handheld PC supporting MSN Messenger.

SourceTec Messenger (Trail Edition)

SourceTec Messenger (Trail Edition) 1.0

SourceTec Messenger is a handy and smart messaging tool that serves to the fastest and easiest LAN communication! Both the server and client programs are installed inside the LAN so as to speed up file transfer and protect communication information f...

ICQ Fixer

ICQ Fixer 1.01

This little program will correct the ICQ 98 and 99 well-known bug that prevents placing a NetMeeting call. Extract icqnm.exe, run it, press the 'Apply Fix' button, that's it!

Reflector Database Manager

Reflector Database Manager

This application makes the management of CU-SeeMereflector lists very easy. You can also create shortcuts to place on your desktop or on your web site.