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PrefixNE SOHO - Gives you Power and Control over your network assets, all wrapped up in one complete solution. With PrefixNE SOHO you`ll know exactly what is happening on your Network PCs. Easy install, ready in minutes! PrefixNE provides everything you need to secure and retain full control of your network assets. Saving you time, reducing risk and boosting network availability and user productivity, it’s the IT professional’s essential toolkit. The suite includes: • Real time asset management: instantly available software and hardware inventories, fully up to date, whenever you need them, day or night. Full detail on licenses for all software on the network. • Policy enforcement: full control over what facilities individuals can use. Prohibit the use of applications completely, or restrict them to specific users or times of day. • End point security: control over devices such as MP3 players, PDAs and memory sticks that users may connect to the network, protecting the network from malware attack and data theft, without resorting to a blanket lock-down on USB ports. • Task automation: tools to automate an almost limitless range of day-to-day tasks, including updating registry entries, deploying software, switching off PCs, executing restarts and searching for files. • Critical alerts: a monitoring tool which raises the alarm when specific crisis conditions, specified by you, arise, before they become business threatening. PrefixNE gives you more than other solutions in five key areas: • 'Real time' asset management. Traditional asset management solutions report at the end of predetermined periods. In some cases users can’t even run such reports themselves, but have to request them from their resellers. With PrefixNE comprehensive, real time information on all your network assets – software and hardware – is at your fingertips, whenever you need it, 24/7. • Business continuity. PrefixNE can watch individual machines or groups of machines for specific circumstances, alerting you when such circumstances arise. Fully tailorable to your network, this feature can help you prevent serious network outages, by raising the alert before threatening situations become critical. • Sheer simplicity. We see no value in complexity for complexity’s sake. Software should be easy to learn and simple to use, so we’ve made PrefixNE absolutely straightforward, with everything accessible through one powerful, central console. • Speed. No one has time to waste, so we’ve designed PrefixNE to deliver the information you need quickly. You can get to whatever you need with no more than four mouse clicks. • Cost effectiveness. We know you need to control expenditure and have a clear view of your financial commitments. PrefixNE's straightforward, value-for-money subscription pricing model eliminates the need for any capital outlay and keeps costs predictable and affordable. And because PrefixNE's monthly subscription charges are revenue rather than capital items, they are deductible for corporation tax purposes.

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