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Gizmoz Talking Headz

Gizmoz Talking Headz 1.502

Gizmoz Talking Headz (Beta) is a fun and innovative Plug-in for all the leading Instant Messengers. Now for the first time you can communicate by cool 3D Talking Headz, which are animated by emotions, text to speech or by your very own voice.

Reallusion CrazyTalk for Skype Lite

Reallusion CrazyTalk for Skype Lite 1.1

Get interactive faces for Skype animation using CrazyTalk for Skype, a fun Skype plug-in featuring interactively animated characters ready to energize your Skype conversations!

Neda-Nama(yahoo message archive decoder)

Neda-Nama(yahoo message archive decoder) 1.2005

Neda-Nama is a Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder for any user without knowing their password. It is a great tool if you have archived conversation but your yahoo ID is not working due to some reason.

Enabled Xp Client

Enabled Xp Client

Innovations in how we learn, communicate, and process information have enriched lives

310-025 Free Test Exam Questions

310-025 Free Test Exam Questions 10.0

Pass-Guaranteed is the leader in IT Certifications that will Guarantee you will pass your 310-025 exam on Your First Try. For only $55.00, you can be rest assured of passing the 310-025 exam using Pass-Guaranteed, or Your Money Back!!!

Simple User Account Manager

Simple User Account Manager 0.9

SUAMan is simple freeware program that provides easy interface to the Microsoft user management tools. Who needs it? Those system administrators who have to add, manage, and control huge numbers of users like students, company customers, etc.


MOZAT M2U 4.01

MOZAT M2U provides a One-Stop SMS/MMS solution. It combines MMS composer, bulk-sending, gateway, and tracking functions. Simply connecting your mobile phone or GPRS/GSM modem to your PC, MOZAT M2U enables you to send bulk MMS/SMS from PC to phone.

3D Chat World - moove online

3D Chat World - moove online 2.0

Free virtual 3D world, create avatars, decorating rooms, own graphical chat room

Homeatch DSLCam

Homeatch DSLCam 1.04

Enhance your Webcam-enabled PC to watch live-video/audio, turn into a professional surveillance system.

MZL&Novatech TrafficStatistic

MZL&Novatech TrafficStatistic

MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic allows broadband users (DSL) to see in tray consumed traffic volumes.It generates flow statistics IPDR data and the user can generate reports over time on his top traffic volume consumers cut by host and service.

WWB Video Chat Messenger

WWB Video Chat Messenger 3.0.0

Video Chat Messenger. There's a stage in each Chat Room, where people take turns on video talking to the entire room. Create & Upload Video to your Profile & Web Page. Create & maintain your own web site, and broadcast your recorded video files.


FreeProxy 3.6

Full featured proxy server with internet connection sharing

SD Virtual World

SD Virtual World 1.0

SD Virtual World provides an immersive and interactive 3D experience where you can chat with other people in 3D cyberspace.

AimAtSite Toolbar for IE

AimAtSite Toolbar for IE v.2.2 beta

AimAtSite Toolbar is a comprehensive search solution for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows XP or Windows 2000. The program provides high performance History search, Favorites search, Current page search and other functionality.


FETCHMAIL NT/2000 5.9.6

This is a port of the UNIX FETCHMAIL version for cygwin win32 that works with NT and Windows 2000


WinFind 3.0

WinFind is a tool that can search what you need from web pages based on some rules. This tool will pick out URLs and Results from every web page and then open more and more web pages

The Vulcan Portal

The Vulcan Portal 2.04

The Vulcan Portal is a windows« application that allows you to send/receive 3dVoiceMail to other users, a bit like email, but instead everyone appears as a real-time 3 dimensional head who synthetically talks with perfect lip synch.

SeeStorm Messenger

SeeStorm Messenger 1.0

Exciting communication tool: talk naturally over the Net plus visually communicate emotions and facial expressions via compelling 3D characters

Xanadu XP

Xanadu XP 1.00

Xanadu is a product of 5 years of extensive Internet research! Xanadu will bring Up To The Minute World News, Weather & Stocks update as well as Sports news, Music, Live Radio Stations, T.V & movies.


WhenUShop 3.0

A new FREE tool that saves you time and money when shopping on the web.